Your Pets, My Dogs Radio Interview

Monday, March 11, I am so excited to be interviewed on “Your Pets, My Dogs” with Host Lisa Smith-Putnam.  Would love for you to listen and your comments and feedback will be greatly appreciated! You will be able to enjoy the show at either of the links below:  or                                                                          

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We talked about all things Bocker – My book, fun things that I am involved in, where the next Bocker-sighting may be, and my life being a very lucky doodle and “lending a helping paw”.


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About B0cker
My name is Bocker. I am a labradoodle. My father, Bailey, was a tan standard poodle and my mom, Missy, was a black lab. I was born on July 11, 2003. I am one lucky doodle and am having a very exciting life. I live in New York but have friends all over the world. How did I get my name..Well, my mom grew up being a New York Knickerbocker fan. She rescued a cat and named her Knicki. So when I came along, Bocker just seemed to fit perfectly.
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