My name is Bocker. I am a labradoodle.  My father, Bailey, was an apricot standard poodle and my mom, Missy, was a Black Lab.  I was born July 11, 2003 at Doodlesville, where my life started out in loving hands.  Since seven weeks of age I have lived with my wonderful family in New York and have grown so fast and now I am a big boy, but still oh so cute and yes, I do get over on my looks.

Oh, why the name, Bocker…..well, my mom grew up being a fan of the New York Knicks (Knickerbockers) basketball team – so Knicki was here already,  so when I came along, it just had to be BOCKER.  Humans?!

I made it through my early puppy years of cold winters, training classes, doggie day care, grooming, a few scoldings and lots of fun.  I really miss my “sister” Knicki, who being a cat, never  was really glad to have me around.  Because of Knicki, everyone who knows me, knows that Bocker LOVES cats.  I just can’t understand why my love isn’t always returned so willingly. My life has been a journey of exciting and fun things.

I started my career at a very young age.  I have worked as a model for print ads and television commercials; Tommy Hilfiger,  Ralph Lauren Polo, Barneys NY, Chase Bank, Citizen Bank, Target, Optimum Online, Getty Images, GQ magazine, Avanti Greeting Cards, AT&T to name a few.

I’ve worked in movies, short films and webisodes too!  I filmed Men In Black 3, Eat Pray Love, and War of the Wolds and worked on an HBO pilot.  I had fun with Joy Behar on The View and was proud to represent Labradoodles on Animal Planet’s DOGS 101.   I have even played a girl on a few occasions and starred in a segment of Lorenzo Borghese’s America’s Next Top Dog webisode as Caramel Barkshaw.  I’ve been featured in many magazine and newspaper articles even in Sweden and Thailand!  I even have my own flavor of gelato (ice cream), Bocker’s Labradoodlicious Swirl.

My theme song and plush puppies are a hit with my favorite people, children!!! Which brings me to another and now the most important part of my life, my Therapy work.  I love reading with the kids in my role as Tail Wagging Tutor and just seeing them smile and hearing them laugh.  I am a very lucky doodle and because of that my bark can be heard.  So I am honored to be the voice of my furry friends in need and work very hard to lend a helping paw.I’ve been told that my story has a lot of legs and now with the release of my book, Chasing Bocker’s Tale, my story has been told.   What makes me happiest..making people smile.

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My name is Bocker. I am a labradoodle. My father, Bailey, was a tan standard poodle and my mom, Missy, was a black lab. I was born on July 11, 2003. I am one lucky doodle and am having a very exciting life. I live in New York but have friends all over the world. How did I get my name..Well, my mom grew up being a New York Knickerbocker fan. She rescued a cat and named her Knicki. So when I came along, Bocker just seemed to fit perfectly.
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